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Week 1- Introduction week

I have now officially finished the report and all the assignments for this week. The week has been confusing, and something new given thought this is my first time taking an online course, but I am slowly getting use to it and learning a lot of new things.

I already posted some of the assignments for this week, “My journey”  where I presented myself and posted a self-portrait, and the handouts and deadlines for my course this year, so go and check them out.

Another assignment was to make a creative Moodle map. Moodle is our learning platform, where we can connect with our teachers and other students, deliver our projects, ask for help and get feedback using forums.It looks a like this…

untitled-pictureI got kind of lost the first days, specially in the forums so I decided to make the forums as scary woods. I started sketching a few ideas and this was the final result:


I have spent the rest of the week reading my books and exploring on, a learning website we get to use as students on Noroff. It has been really fun, I have learned a lot of things about Graphic Design and I am looking forward to learning much more. Here is a picture of the website and some of my books.

So I guess this was all for this week. Have a nice Sunday!




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