Mandatory Assignment 01- Design Principles

My interpretation of the assignment was to learn about the Gestalt design principles and find examples of each, and then I would need to pick up the three I liked best and illustrate them using my own technique.

However I also got some ground rules: Each item would be made by hand with paper, pencil, a knife, paper and any other relevant materials and tools, and each item must be 25cm x25 cm.

I started by researching all the principles and learning about each of them. Then I picked the 3 I liked the most: Figure/Ground, Pragnanz and Closure.

Here are the resulting designs:

  • Law of Prägnanz (Good Figure, Law of Simplicity): People will perceive and interpret ambiguous or complex images as the simplest form possible.

gra1_-ma_01_-design_principles3_arianna-molina_04112016 I wanted to do this one as simple as possible, so I made it with simple geometric figures (triangle and circles) and typography. I pasted all in a 25×25 cm white paper and formed it as ice creams that again formed a face. The typography is written to form a mouth, and the text says “I SCREAM”, like a hint telling you it is a mouth that belongs to a face. I chose to have normal ice cream colors but to have different nuances of brown for the nose and the eyes. I also chose the mouth to be dark pink on purpose. The trick I wanted to do with this image was that people will perceive something complex as simple as possible, so they will first see ice cream cones before they set the whole picture together to a face.

  • Closure: When looking at a complex arrangement of individual elements, we tend to look for a single, recognizable pattern

    gra1_-ma_01_-design_principles2_arianna-molina_04-11-2016In this one I got really inspired from the season here in Bergen, beautiful colors, a thousand of fallen leaves drifting through the air and of course, rain. This one was the second most difficult or most time taking. To achieve the look I first painted a paper with watercolor, I painted it with all the autumn colors and let it dry, I then made a perfect drop in adobe illustrator, printed it out and cut the inside out. I also drew it on the autumn color paper I painted, and taped it over a dark blue paper I would use as a background. I drew all the leaves in the autumn paper and cut each one out with a knife. Then I pasted all of them inside the drop form in the blue background. I chose the colors to make a contrast and match the season. The form the leaves are placed make the closure feeling of a drop of water

  •  Figure/Ground: “elements are perceived as either figure (the element in focus) or ground (the background in which the figure rests”

    gra1_-ma_01_-design_principles_arianna-molina_04-11-2016This was my favorite and the one i enjoyed the most. I wanted to make it really symmetrical because the eye perceives more symmetrical objects as figure. Therefore, I used adobe Illustrator to achieve the final perfect look and make it as symmetrical as possible. I used simple contrast colors, black and white. The black representing evil (the devil), and the white representing good (the angel).You can see the Illustrator version as the header image. 😛

    I was really determined to make a picture that told a story and that had two sides, the contrast between good and evil, black and white and figure and ground.   I wanted it to look as simple as possible so I cut it out in black paper and pasted it on a 25X25 cm white paper.  I would name the image “careful who  you trust” since the devil suddenly appears after looking at the angel.


Thank you for reading, bye-bye!


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