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Week 6- Expressing Meaning

This week we have been studying Typography, the history of type, its characteristics, and how to use it!

Here is the learning activity of the week:

  1. Choose two words from the list below:

  • Compression

  • Transition

  • Contraction

  • Addition

  • Subtraction

  • Disruption

  • Repetition

  • Elimination

  • Migration

  • Expansion

Also, create a “new” word, which has no dictionary definition, and a meaning that only you know.


  • I chose the words compression and transition, because I found them the most interesting and challenging. My made up word would be “Cugly” which means cute and ugly at the same time. 


2. Create three different compositions for your three words, one word per composition. In each, arrange each word to express its meaning, using either colour or black and white. Consider all and any means at your disposal: dramatic scale contrasts, cutting, repetition, letter spacing, etc.

Each composition should fit onto an A4 format. Vary the size, spacing, placement and orientation of letters. Be aware of how the word (or words) interacts with the entire format.

Consider the entire format as an important design element: use all available space; don’t simply centre the word – think of this as an opportunity to direct attention throughout the entire layout. Experiment. Play. Push to the edges of the page. Repeat elements if it helps to get the meaning across. Choose a very simple creative solution, if that’s most appropriate.

Use only one typeface for each composition, noting the appropriateness of the choice of typeface to the word explored; you can mix variants of one (light, bold, condensed, capitals, lowercase). You may repeat, omit, slice, block or overlap words or letters.

However, do not use drop shadows or horizontal/vertical scaling (distortion). Consider the entire space of the format as part of the design

I started out with some sketches and then proceeded to explore more ideas on illustrator, I found it easier to work in there since you can find an enormous variety of typefaces in there. here are some of my sketches:sketches

I didn’t do so many sketches because i found it easier to work with illustrator when I was working with type. Here are my final results:

Transition: transition-artboard-1

In this design I used the typeface “ITC Zapf Chancery  Medium Italic”. I chose this one because I wanted to make a vaporizing effect and needed therefore a type with a lot of forms and serifs. I started using caps and proceeded to use lower case letters at the end where you see the letters almost fading. I also used transparency to make the smoking effect. What I tried to show here was the transition from water to damp.

Contraction :


The fun part about working with these words was that they can mean so much. This one for examples means, well this is what I found on the dictionary:


so I tried to integrate two of the meanings into my composition, number 2 and 3. I contracted the word with apostrophe and made the bigger one smaller. In this composition I used the type Impact because it is bold and strong and easy to read as a display type, since it is a sans-serif. I also included the I and o at the bottom that had “fallen of” after being contracted. I made the type red to create a “before & after” effect and a contrast between the background and the contracted type.  I also made the apostrophe contracting the word green to differentiate it from the others.




Hehe say hello to the cuglies, a really cute and ugly family of letters. In this composition I used the typeface “OCR A Std” simply because I found it cute. I then added a skin color to it and a lot of sticky hair and of course cute and big staring eyes to express the meaning of the word.


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