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Week10-Layout- Pace and contrast

Compare the design (in terms of pace and contrast) of an online magazine, blog or website to that of a printed magazine, book or journal.

  1. What differences can you see between the kinds of design strategies used in the two formats?
  2. Write down your findings and upload it to WordPress.


I will be using the brochure for the Grieg Piano Competition and their website:


As you can see, already in the first page, we get some momentum towards the upper right, this creates movement and pushes you to turn the page. This effect is created just by placing the picture of Grieg inside a ball, rolling towards the corner and away from the page.

In the next page we can see some horizontal movement, because of the placement of the pictures, they continue along the next page without any interruption. The horizontal lines in every page also help in guiding our way through the book. And finally notice that the finalist are all placed to the right so your eyes will automatically drift naturally towards that side.

We can clearly see contrast in the brochure aswell,  with all the pages having different but similar designs. You can also see pages full of text and others accompanied with pictures, and symbols and drawings that are placed when there are not pictures to be seen. Last but not least we can see the contrast between the colorful pictures and the pictures of the participants that are in black and white.


Lets go over to the website






As we can see the design of the webpage goes really well with the brochure. However  elements of pace and contrast have now changed since the web allow us to navigate differently. The horizontal slide-show on the top of the page creates movement and pace in the whole design. It shows you different important articles you might be interested in, and since it is the first thing you notice you don’t even have to think before finding what you are after.

The participants page on the website is a perfect square that allows you to focus on all the participants, instead of having to scroll down or to the side to find the one you are after. This creates a pause before you move on into the next page.

We can see the use of contrast between the blue tones and the black and white images, we can also see that some images are bigger than others to emphasize the importance of the articles they might lead you to.

The main difference I noticed between the design of a brochure and a webpage was that the brochure focused more on leading you to the next page while having a nice design and giving you the information you needed, while  the design of the webpage used more pictures, size difference and movement to allow you to choose something before showing you the content, this results in a nicer looking design right away without the distraction of so many text.



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