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Overview of web design- Get the basic rights- Part 2

Part two

Surf the web and find 10 sites you would consider to be great websites. Simultaneously, make a list of 10 sites you consider bad web sites. Remember to describe why you would define them as such. Upload your lists on your blog.

Ok, so I actually found it really difficult to find bad websites, cause I found several websites that actually worked, even thought they weren’t so pretty.  I guess it is because almost every website I remember and use everyday has used money on design, and who knows? maybe this is the reason I use them. However I remember when I was a kid and did research on school assignments on the web, I almost always came across horrible websites. So I guess the world has progressed a bit. Here is what I  found:

List of good webpages

Vegvesen. no is a great website, everything is clean and easy to find, there is consistency throughout the whole page and they use a lot of symbols to keep the design clean and make it easier for people to understand.

god is really great aswell, it is very simple, consistent and has perfect navigation, they put a lot of focus on the content, which is why people is there. It is also really easy to use even if it is your first time there. The dark background is also a smart design chose, taking into account that people often watch movies in the dark.


 This is a well designed site aswell, they have good quality pictures that extend almost throughout the whole page, because sometimes pictures say a lot more than words, and they have a clear and simple menu on the top just beside their logo.


This is a great information website, it has a clear menu and heading, the colors are perfect, not too much nor to little colour, the layout is simple and organized, and I love that they have customized the social media symbols to fit perfectly with the design of the page.


Norwegian is also quite simple, it goes right to the point. What does people want from an airplane lines website? to find a flight of course, so they keep the menu away but still at sight, and they focus on what people are usually there for.


I found this a great shopping website, it has a lot of content but everything is organized in a way that is easy to find, it uses icons in the heading, the search bar is centered, and the website is balanced.


National geographic is really clean and simple, it uses a lot of white space and big high quality pictures aswell, which they are known for, so the site is consistent to the brand.


this is also a commercial web site, I came across this site randomly while searching for a bad one, but I really liked this one, specially because of its use of color in a minimalistic way, which works perfectly with their clean design.


This is an example of what I believe is a great news website, they present first a lot of manus, because usually people have a lot of different things they like to read, just like different sections on a newspaper. There is a good type hierarchy, they also use a lot of pictures that are positioned well on the page!


List of bad webpages

I really hate this website, there is so much going on, that I feel everything in the page is looking for attention except the important stuff. The menu has really little visibility and is hidden under the logo. There is also another menu at the top that are apparently just links to other sites that have not so much to do with the paper.

Untitled pictures

I don’t even remember the link to this one, but it was really bad, the readability of the site is bad, specially in the highlighted texts, that I guess are the ones they wanted to give attention too. The text is too near the edge of the menu, the pictures seem randomly placed and the site lacks consistency.


This one is actually not that bad, but I feel like they use too much pictures, on the heading, on the background and in the content, this keeps the eyes looking everywhere instead of focusing on the content.


This one is really crowded aswell, almost all the text is red so it steals attention from some things they want to emphasize like the 25 % off. The background does not go well with the rest of the page and it steals a lot of attention aswell. the use of those shiny buttons makes it difficult to read the text of the different pages, and I could go on and on…


Theme park website

I really hated the colors of this page, they don’t go with the logo  at all, I feel that the text in the menu could be more emphasized and the menu itself, other than that is not that bad. I would maybe make the header longer and put the  logo in the middle, and avoid using so many colors since the logo itself is a lot.


The use of color in this page is  not good at all, the red and the yellow are horrible for the eyes, the red text is hardly readable and the design is poor.


this design uses low resolution pictures, its content  doesn’t fit right in to the page, may be it is bad coding or maybe it is the browser I am using. Anyways good design should work in all browsers and devices so I am adding this one to the bad sites.


there is a lot of contrast that irritates the eyes, the blue color against the black background does not work at all, and again there is a lot of colors and textures on this site, it is crowded even though there is still blank space, so I would say that is unbalanced.


This one is horrible, and the weird thing is that you have to pay to use it, there is a lot of text, the menu looks like an ad, and it has a lot of links and pages in addition to already having so much content on the first page.


again, the red and the yellow here don’t work together specially in the small text in the menus, the pattern at the background is a little irritating and there are a lot of blue links here aswell, which makes the page look a lot more crowded than it is.



So, what I have learned looking at the different sites, is to keep things simple, avoid to many colours, focus on the content, the user should be able to find content easily. I also think one should  try to avoid so much text and links to other pages. Simplicity and consistency seems to be the keys to a succesful website.


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