Learning Activity-Gestalt Theory

Practical Assignment (Observation and Analysis) 3-4 hrs

  1. Define the Gestalt Theory in your own words.
  2. Page through a magazine or newspaper or browse the Internet and find a different Logo for each of the principles. Explain in your own words, which logos are showing which principles, motivate your answer.
  3. Find Examples for four themes of thinking and explain your choices.
The Gestalt Theory states that humans can perceive something as a whole even when it is incomplete or just a lot of shapes put together in a special way.  This means that the brain tries to understand  the whole composition first instead of looking at each specific part on its own. Just as we read a complete word instead of each letter our brain will read a whole composition of points put together as a heart instead of seeing each point separately.


These two are examples of similarity and proximity, since all the shapes that form the whole are equal, we perceive them as a pattern or in this case since they are close to each other (proximity) and assembled in a special way, we perceive them as stars.


The three logos above are an example of continuation. Our eyes are guided through lines, so using to create continuation and allow our eyes to see the whole shape is a good practice. In the EA logo our eyes are guided because the two letters are connected and the E is pointing towards the A. In Hughes there is a line in the that crosses the whole word from h to S and leads our eyes so we can read it easily. the last ones connects the two words of the word mark as a n image in a clever way, we first read the word doctor and then the line guide us to the shape of a car and then we read the name and our eyes realize what it’s happening.

Continuation controls how the view will see the whole and what she will see first and last.


The two logos above are examples of closure. As you can see, even thought there is not a clear picture of a woman or a bird, we still can see them because of the way the shapes are positioned in relation to each other. since enough of the shape is indicated, even though they are not complete, we can still visualise them.



We can perceive those three shapes as a crowd of people, a sphere, and a square because the parts that makes them are close to each other, if they were to be further apart we would only see a lot of shapes.

Figure Ground

what is the figure and what is the background? This is my favorite one, our eyes perceive a form, silhouette or shape as a figure and the surroundings as a background. You can use this knowledge to make an image clearer to the viewer or play with the relationship so that it becomes more interesting and unclear as the logos above have done.

Themes of thinking


White Space

Apple has always been the king of white space so I thought of them right away, and they have always told you so much with few words. Here are some ads they used to promote themselves. As you can see there is really little information in the ad and a lot of white space, but they are easy to understand anyways. The subjects in the ads create the motion and guide your eyes towards the Iphone. They are leaving their old phones and running toward the more colorful side, which is the Iphone side.

Graphic Impact


I found this to be a good example of graphic impact, as you can see there are no words but we can still understand so much from this simple image.

Text minimization

when I thought about text minimization I thought right away about Amnesty International. Their posters usually say so much and they only use a sentence to explain the complex issues. ThIS captures the attention of the readers even more than a long explanation.




The design of this bag focuses on the product, the most important part of the brand!



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