Learning Activity- Front Cover

Have a look at all the tasks and lessons you have done over the last few weeks. Your task now is to make a cover (a front page) for your very own magazine.

  1. Go through the Graphic Design history timeline and choose a style and designer that you feel relates best to your personality.
  2. Using that designer/style as inspiration, use your name or part of your name and create a title/name for your magazine. Feel free to be creative!
  3. Add your own pictures, text, illustrations, elements as well as the proper typography and titles for your cover.
  4. The expression must represent your personality. (Remember the color choice regarding this).
  5. Remember to include what kind of magazine it is, for example cars/bikes, fashion, design, weddings, etc.


I chose the Swiss Style because I love taking pictures and pairing them with typography, I love posters and I like to use simple typography as well. The designer that inspired me the most was Armin Hoffmann.

The name of the magazine will be “Editarishop” a mixture of editing, my name and photoshop. The magazine will be about the topic “picture editing or manipulation” and will include a lot of images, inspirations, tips and interviews with masters of the field.

I actually edited this picture in photoshop and added the hat, the flowers and bow tie to a pigeon I photographed the other day.

The colors and the picture represent my personality. I like accentuating colors, I have a weird sense of humor, and I am a romantic person.




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