Learning Activity – Acquainting yourself with the work process

Consider the different steps in the work process and answer the following questions in writing:

  • Conduct research
    Write down different means of conducting research. (What do you think can be done to collect information and get consumers’ perspective on a proposed idea?)

First of all you have to make a clear brief full of information about the company and who they are, what they want and what they expect to become in the future. You have to research the place if it is a place, and its surroundings. Or visit their site and examine their viewer history.  Find out who the competition is and research them, are they doing good? what can we learn from them,? how can we make it better? Decide on a target audience and ask them questions about the company and product… Among other things.

  • Clarify the strategy
    What do you think should be included in a creative brief? (As a designer, what would you consider vital information in such a brief?)

I consider their goals to be the most important thing to ask in a brief, in this way I can work towards that goal while designing their product. Other things to include are, their name, their identity, target audience, goals, what they are expecting from me and the information of the person that is going to be in contact with me.

  • Design the identity
    How would you approach the findings from the research and the clarified strategy? (What would your first steps be once you’ve received feedback and a brief?)

My first step would be to write everything down and analyse it so I can make a strategy out of it and start designing.

  • Create touchpoints
    What do you think is meant by touchpoints? (What, do you think, should be included in the term “touchpoints”? how would you define this term?) Hint: Keep in mind that touchpoints are those things that connect customers to your brand.

Touchpoints are the things that connect the costumer to the brand, like packages, restaurants, transportation vans, flyers and other things. A website can be the biggest touchpoint of them all, in our internet era.

  • Manage the assets
    How would you nurture and grow the brand that you’ve created? (You may choose an existing brand or product and describe this according to your chosen item, if that will make it easier for you to explain your ideas.)

A good way to make it grow, is to test often and lookout for the customers reactions. In this way it is possible to change things that don’t work and make the brand better. I would also make ads to remind people about the brand. The most important part is to be mindful about your goal and your brand identity and keep reminding it to the team, especially people who are going to be in contact with the costumers.


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