Learning Activity – Workflow and Backup

Written Assignment (2 Hours)

Draw a diagram of your prefered  workflow and explain why yo take certain steps


Create a checklist for your workflow

  • Search for inspiration
  • Sketch many ideas
  • Plan shoot
    • Check weather
    • check schedule
    • Call people
  • Charge the cameras battery
  • Download old pictures and format the disk
  • Shoot
    • Be creative
    • Pay attention to the light
    • zoom in to check focus
  • Download Photos
  • Organize them
    • delete the bad ones
    • rate the good ones
    • divide them into groups
  • Edit them
  • Publish
  • Backup

Take a screenshot of your folder structure



Explain why creating backups is so important

Creating backups is important because anything can happen, your computer might stop working for example. It is therefore important to secure your photos elsewhere so that you can be safe. specially when you are working with big clients, and one time only events as weddings, graduations etc.


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