Learning Activity – Analysing the Use of Design Fundamentals

Choose any one of the illustrations from the lesson “Design Drawing” and answer the following questions (when submitting your feedback – also provide the illustration you chose):

  1. What fundamentals are used successfully? Describe in detail what you think is the most successful aspect of the illustration (remember to focus on the fundamentals.)

  2. What style from the past is being used in a new way in this illustration? If no previous style is clearly apparent, does it use some form of pastiche? Why do you think this specific style or pastiche was used? Describe in detail whether you think it was used successfully or not.

  3. Read again what Mondrian said about the expression of beauty or self. Which do you think played the dominant role in the execution of this illustration? Explain your thoughts.

  4. If you had to create this illustration, before starting the actual execution, what would your initial thoughts be on:

  5. Colour (what would your approach to colour be?)

  6. Line (what would you like to portray with the use of line?)

cyril rolando bublles.jpg

  1. The colors used are complementing to each other and add to the illustration as well, giving it a dreamlike feel. We can also see a lot of successful use of lines that help put the subject in focus, for example her floating hair and the tower of books just behind her, those elements serve as leading lines to help the eyes come back to the  main subject. The composition of the drawing that means placing the subject in the middle of the illustration also helps accentuating it and it gives the impression that everything is coming out from her.
  2. I t does not resemble any design from the past nor any form for pastiche for me
  3.  “although art is fundamentally everywhere and always the same, nevertheless two main human inclinations, diametrically opposed to each other, appear in its many and varied expressions. One aims at the direct creation of universal beauty, the other at the aesthetic expression of oneself, in other words, of that which one thinks and experiences.” (Theories of Modern Art:350)

I think this illustration is more about the aesthetic expression of oneself, the artist wanted to show the world the feeling of being overworked, or perhaps of dreaming of being someplace else while working, the illustration is highly relatable, I have the feeling of looking at a feeling I have already experienced.

4. Another approach to  color would be to have more of it, perhaps more dreamlike colors. The colors of the illustration give the impression of sadness, but then again maybe that was the point, perhaps then it would work to  use darker color and high dynamic range.

5. I feel he has done a good job with the composition, by showing us the subject right in front of us and in the center of the illustration, it becomes easier to relate to the feeling he is trying to portray and it becomes a mirror-like effect


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