Learning Activity – Building a Website From Start to Finish

  1. Write a detailed brief for your website.
  2. Draw some sketches to plan your design.
  3. Build a working websites according to these specs.

It’s important for me to see that you can follow through on the entire process – from the brief to the completed website. Please explain why you make certain decisions. How do these decisions fit in with the business strategy?

Upload your brief, wireframe, sketches and link to your website to your WordPress blog. There’s quite a lot to do for this assignment, so it’s advisable to keep your website simple.

BRIEF ( myvirtualnotebook.com)

  • What is the client’s service/product?
    • a digital notebook to share with other graphic design students. 
  • What are their requirements?
    • it should have several pages, be interactive, easy to read, usable on all devises, simple fun and with a clear overview.
  • What is the website’s goal?
    • the websites goal is to give information in a simple and effective way.
  • How are you going to achieve this goal?
    • by making it simple and user-friendly, and focusing on the content.
  • Build the website architecture (so we can see what sections will be needed)
    • Home (understanding webdesign ..intro)
      • CMD
      • Colors
      • Typography
      • Layouts
      • Marketing
      • Java Script
      • HTML
      • css
      • list of other sources
  • What is the design style that will be required?
    • Minimalistic style, Rich use of typography, few colors used as markup.

SKETCHES & WIREFRAMING ( myvirtualnotebook.com)


35551552_10214158226323175_6966536910885879808_n (1)


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