Learning Activity – Applying for Jobs

Publish a résumé and covering email as if you were applying to work at a real company.

Ideally you would also provide a portfolio website, but this will be completed over the next couple of weeks, so don’t worry about that now.


I am refering to the advertisement on finn.no, and would like to postulate for the job as a “web designer”.

My name is Arianna Molina and I’m currently studying my second year in Graphic Design at Noroff in Bergen. I am very creative, open to feedback, and work well with others. Web Design has been a great interest to me these two years and I am looking forward to use my knowledge and developing myself even more. I master HTML, CSS, JAVA Script and have a lot of knowledge in WordPress. In addition to this, am I good at keeping up to date with everything that happens in web development.
In my spare time I like to do photography projects and go for walks. Another thing that may interest you is that I master multiple languages, I can speak fluent Spanish, Norwegian and English, and can speak and write French at level B1.

I will attach my portfolio so you can look at my previous work.


Arianna Molina

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