Learning Activity – Building a Mobile-Friendly Website

  1. Write a detailed brief. (You may use a real client or a fictional one.)
  2. Use the information from the brief to build a wireframe for the website.
  3. Choose a WordPress theme for the website.
  4. Customise the WordPress theme to fulfil the specific needs of the client.
  5. Make sure that the site works on both desktop and mobile devices. (It does not have to work perfectly, but I want to see that you have considered it.)

Upload your brief, wireframe and website to your WordPress blog.




  • who is the client?

Me ( Arianna Molina Photography )

  • What is the client’s service/product?

Photography sessions, photoediting and artistic photography.

  • What are their requirements?

The client wants a portofoliowebsite.

  • What is the website’s goal?

The client wants a website portfolio where they can showcase their work, inspire people and get more customers.

  • How are you going to achieve this goal

The goal will be achieved by giving the website a minimalistic look where the work will be the main element in the design, we will also divide the website into sections to give users more flexibility.

  • Build the website architecture (so we can see what sections will be needed)

Home ( description and selected images )


– Portraits

-Fine art

-Weddings / Events

-Confirmation ceremony

– Newborns

– Creative Product Photography



  • What is the design style that will be required?

The design style needs to be minimalistic, and emphasize the images. It also needs to be user friendly and have good interactivity

It has to be easy for the user to find the pictures they want without needing to go through all the others.

  • What are your suggestions for marketing the site?

I would market the site by making a video of  the workprocess, maybe a behind the scenes stylistic video that showcases all the work of the photographer, including all the different work with the link of the website at the end or a video showing the website, and I would use social media to spread the video as an ad.


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