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LA – Customise a WordPress site

Good sunday afternoon!


This week has not been that great, given that I was sick  and had to learn a lot of stuff at the same time. But, fortunately I made it through. Here is the learning activity from this week:


Take your theme that you have installed on your hosting account and customise it as per this module. Then I want you to find some WordPress hacks that you can use to customise your website even further. The main thing with this project is to not just do things for the sake of doing them. I would like you to explain the tweaks that you have made and your reasoning for adding certain features. Please upload a Word doc along with your assignment, so that I can see why you’ve made certain decisions.pp

I haven’t uploaded so much content to my site yet, since I am still not finished tweaking with the code, but I have done a few things with it. Click bellow to see my website and my decisions:




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LA-Packaging (Best Friend Treats)

I am sorry for the late post! This was actually due for last sunday but I was really sick and was not able to finish it till then. Anyway, better late than never 🙂 


Using the logo you created in Week 1 and the brochure you designed in Week 2, think about your brand and design packaging for your product. Remember that you can decide about the detail of your product. Is it dog biscuits, meat products in a tin, dry pellets or a new and exciting product?

Do your design according to the following steps:

  1. Exploration
    Use sketching techniques to draw thumbnails and hand in your thumbnails as scanned PDFs.’

thumbnail sketches 1thumbnail sketches 2

  1. Brand integration
    Choose one of your thumbnails and refine your design. Place it next to your brochure and logo and see how you can merge your design with the brand identity. Also, what fundamentals of the brand can you draw from and use in your design?
    Hand in a picture of your thumbnails, mock-ups, logo and brochure together.

detailed illustrationplanning

  1. Design
    Now design your packaging properly, using any design application of your choice (or a combination of e.g. Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator). Export the flat design as a PDF.

Click here to view the final design.

  1. Presentation
    Make a life-size mock-up of your final design and take photographs of it. Remember that you can take more than one photo to show the different angles and sides of the packaging. Here your presentation skills are vital. How do you present the final mock-up in a photo to reflect the true essence of your design?


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Illustration, Infographic and brochure!


Use the logo you created in Week 1 and design a brochure for your product. You may use any format you like, just make sure that the format is in line with and adds to your logo design. Your brochure must contain an illustration. This could be the infographic alone, or it could be the infographic and the rest of the brochure (in other words, the entire brochure may be illustrated if you’d like).

When designing the brochure and creating your illustration, make definite use of the fundamentals of visual language as discussed in this lesson.

You must illustrate an infographic and design a brochure:

1. Illustration of infographic

The brochure design and infographic illustration should work together. Consider the format and style of your brochure and illustrate an infographic using fictitious data (or you could do research to get a better idea of actual statistics). The infographic must display the nutritious benefit of your product to dogs. It should contain the nutritional value, as compared to the necessary nutrition intake of dogs. It must also give an indication of consumption per size of dog. You may also add information of your choice that you think is relevant.

Most of the information is real but some is fake since I did not have time to keep researching, I hope you like the infographic 🙂 


Click here to view the infographic in pdf

2. Design of brochure

Design a brochure that introduces your product and includes the infographic illustrated in Question 1. You can decide on the information and format of your brochure. As a guideline, consider a brochure of A4 (lying), folding to A5 (standing). You don’t have to have more than four pages in your brochure (but it depends on your design and style). You must base your brochure design on the design of your logo. Thus, look at your logo and design a brochure that complements and blends in with it.

Click here to view the Brochure in pdf



Have a nice day!

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Presenting “Best Friend Treats”

Develop a name for a dog food product. Design a logo for this product, using full colour. The logo must contain a main visual and typography. (Use the “People Saving Pets” logo as a guide – this does not mean your design should be the same, it is simply an example.) Follow each of the fundamental steps outlined above, in that sequence and take note of what needs to be handed in as you progress through these steps:

I started by brainstorming a name and creating a brand Identity. The name I landed on was “Best Friend Treats”, I imagined this brand as a brand that promotes and helps the friendship between you and your dog by providing you with delicious and nutritious treats to give your dogs. The brand would be cute, give you a warm feeling and remind you of your best friend. Here are some scans of this process:


As you can see I started to write a lot of words that were dog related first and then I did the same with food. When I was done brainstorming,  I started to come up with names putting them together or inventing them completely. My three finalists were ” The Hungry Wolf”, “Doggylicious” and ” Best Friend Treats” and after writing some pros and cons I landed on the last.

When I had a product name, I figured out I needed to position the brand before I started sketching. So I imagined the brand and put it to life by answering a questionnaire I would give a real client. This would help me work towards a goal while sketching. ffff

With this in mind I stated sketching my  logo.


Use sketching techniques to draw thumbnails and hand in your thumbnails as scanned PDFs.


Highlight three of the thumbnail ideas that you consider the best options and state why. Hand in an A4 with visuals of the three chosen thumbnails; include reasons for choosing each of these three options.

logo ma08Artboard 1-80Construction

Use sketching techniques and redraw ONE of your chosen concept:

I actually kept experimenting with two of them because I was not able to choose one, here you can see the developement of both! 

Untitled picture


Experiment more with your favourite options from Step 3 and ask the opinion of a few people. Hand in examples of the logos shown to people and write their feedback or opinion on each.

Most of the people I asked had different opinion about the logos above, Most of them did like the circular one in the middle and some of them said it looked too normal. One really liked the one with the square text because it was original and the other thought it looked a lot like a competition logo. 



Choose your final design and execute it in Adobe Illustrator, along with the name of the product. Hand in your final logo as an A4 PDF.’


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Market your website

Now that you have built and tested your website, I would like you to market it. Let’s say that your budget is NOK 10 000 (or 1800 $ US). Please do the following:

  1. Do some research on what advertising costs. You could for instance contact your local newspaper, print shop and other websites.

I found it a bit difficult to find prices on advertising, I guess everything depends of how many people are going to see it and at what time of the day and stuff like that. In Vg  they had a list of how much it would cost but the prices where really high so I am not sure if its advertising for a year or more.

Google had a really nice system for calculating price, they even let you bid your price, I found out that a year with google would be like 1825 kr, if I paid 5kr per click. So that was nice,  the thing I did not understand was if they ment that I had to pay 5kr each time someone clicked into my page or each day, I guess I will have to look more into it.

2. Make a detailed list of how you would market your website. Remember to keep your budget in mind.

  • I would start by making my site Search engine friendly and focusing in my content. Making sure I have good content and the right information. In addition to that I would make a mobile friendly site so that I could advertise in phones aswell ( this part is free).
  • The second think I would do is make social media profiles to link to my site and make a plan on good content to put on those sites, like beautiful pictures of Bergen or fun facts about it. Maybe get people to participate with hashtags and photography contests(This one will probably also be free)
  • I will also print business cards  and flyers and this would probably cost me like 2000 kr depending on how many I had to print and for how long.
  • Finally I would by on google to optimize my search. This will probably also cost me around 2000kr.
  • Newspapers in other towns would help my site since it is about visiting Bergen. So I would put some advertising in national newspapers.
  1. What if you had double the budget? Come up with a second marketing strategy, this time with NOK 20 000 at your disposal. (3600 $ US)
  • If I had 10000 kr more I would pay for a billboard in the airport so that people just arriving could see it and visit the site right away, maybe also putting it in the airline magazine so people all over the world could see it. ( I would plan this last bit just before a holiday season or a season where it is best to visit Bergen.)

3.  Come up with a viral idea. It doesn’t have to be a video; it can be guys dancing at the airport in gorilla suits. You can use ANYTHING that is at your disposal. Be creative!

My viral Idea would be to give people a challenge of showing their favorite secret site of Bergen and pinning it to a map on the site, they can make a video, write a story or take a picture, in this way the locals will help provide popularity to the site. And people from outside will find more inspiration to come and visit!

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Learning activitie – Planning the structure

Create the structure of your web page (from Learning Activity – Put Thought Into Your Design) in terms of HTML files and folders. You need to set these up so that you are ready to code your website.

First use a pen and paper to do your planning; then do it on the computer when you are sure of your structure.

Please upload this activity to your WordPress blog. Remember to scan and include your initial planning that you did on paper.


Here is the structure of my page both in paper and on my computer!

ScanUntitled picture

Have a nice week!