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Learning Activity – Planning a Fashion Shoot

Written Assignment (1 h 30m)

    • In your own words, describe the procedure of planning a fashion shoot. You don’t need to go into too much detail, a short outline will do.

When planning a fashion shoot it is important to come up with a concept early in the process. This concept will be a joining point for all the crew. It is important to be organised and plan everything beforehand.

    • What are the stylist’s duties?

The stylist needs to prepare the model for the shoot, she is in charge of the hair and makeup and when you are shooting, she will be the one checking that the model looks her best at all times.

    • List your duties as photographer

The photographer needs to plan the shoot, check that all the necessary equipment is transported to the shoot, come up with the concept, book everybody for the shoot, take and edit the photographs, make backups, make sure everyone gets breaks and food and water.

    • What equipment would you take along on the Alice in Wonderland shoot that was featured in this module?

I would take with me a camera, 50 ml lense and a 30 ml lense, reflectors, tripod, props and costumes.

    • Find an editorial fashion spread in a fashion magazine. Explain what you think the concept was, what equipment they used and how the location affected the concept. Scan or photograph the shoot and hand it in along with your answer.



Concept: Spring, artistic

Equipment: It looks like they only used the camera and natural light for this shoot. (Because of the harsh shadows of her face)

Location: The location looks like a garden or a place with a lot of plants. This makes the concept of spring more belivable.


Practical Assignment

1. Watch the tutorial on Lynda.com: Douglas Kirkland on Photography: Editorial Assignment


Plan a snow white themed fashion shoot

The fashin shoot is going to be inspired by snow white, but I plan to give it a modern approach, the clothes and hair should be modern, but still remind of snow white. The fashion shoot is going to be outside and inside.


Create a moodboard for fashion and makeup


Create a Storyboard

hhh.jpgCreate a Shotlist

Fashion shoot  // Snow White

Location:Øvredalsvegen 46

Time on set: 12:00 pm

Team on set:

  • Make-up Artist: Tesselly Disla
  • Stylist: Arianna Molina
  • Art Director: Arianna Molina
  • Photographer: Arianna Molina
  • Assistant: Dany Herbas
  • Model: Sara Molina

Equipment needed:

  • 50 mm lens
  • Camera body
  • Memory cards
  • Battery chargers
  • reflector
  • lots of apples
  • outfits


  • Outside in nature
  • pictures with apples
  • inside closeups
  • whole body shot with dog




Ceate a Timeline for the shoot day

Saturday 17 of mars


Get clothes for the model ready, and put all the equipment and props in one place


Pick up the makeup artist at the busstop


Start applying makeup and fixing the models hair


start shooting outside


shots inside






clean up and drive the makeup artist to the busstop

Optional Practical Assignment

If you have the resources, find a friend or family member who will fit the theme and a friend who is willing to do the model’s make-up and hair. Scout out a location and execute your shoot. It doesn’t have to be as detailed as we discussed above, it is just a way for you to get a feel of what a fashion shoot will be like. Publish your pictures with your assignment.

I decided to use my little sister as the model since she was the one that look the most like snow white. I called a friend to be the makeup designer and hair stylist and I chose the  outfit the model would use.

Here are the results: blue wwwwwblue line

green and redlaughlooking into your souldizzyfinal (2)



And she lived happily ever after…


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Learning Activity-A knack of Names

Consider the tips on Inspiration given in your prescribed book and create a name for an ice cream. The ice cream has a range of different flavours, but the unique aspect it should communicate is the fact that it is the coldest ice cream in existence. Now come up with five name options for this product (you should not spend more than a few minutes on each name) using inspiration from:

  • Latin


  • Colours

Purple Tongue

  • Metaphors


  • Science

Absolute Zero

  • Myths

Ice Queen’s treat

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Learning Activity – the Components of Visual Identity

Practical Assignment 2

1.Name the three most important components of visual identity.

I would say that the most important components of visual identity are the logo, the colours and the typography.

2. Describe the difference between logotype and signature.

A signature is the whole combination of logotype and wormark of  a brand, while the logotype is just the logo alone, when a brand starts getting recognice globally they might start to only use their logo alone when presenting itself.

3. Using Kuler create a colour scheme (using only three colours in each set) for the following products:

  • A rich chocolate cake that is made from real chocolate. The keyword here is “quality”.

chocolate cake quality

  • A courier company that delivers internationally by air, land and sea – their main focus is fast delivery.

company delivery

  • An international insurance company that focuses on family values.

family friendly insurance

3.Write your name in four different typefaces, according to the following criteria. Use a typeface that:

  • expresses a unique quality about you
  • is inspired by your favourite food
  • makes your name look sophisticated
  • is drawn by hand

I made a pdf to present this assignment better: LA Typography

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Learning Activity – Having fun with brand identity

Watch the movie “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” (The official title is “POM wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”) and answer the following questions:

  1. Do you think the movie provides insight or detail into what drives product placement in entertainment?
    If so, what have you learnt from that? If not, how would you change aspects of the movie to reflect insight on this?

I think the movie was well made, it provided a full insight of the process he had to go through to start his movie, establish his style, get sponsors and then film it. To answer the question of what makes brands put their products in entertaining things like music videos, or films, I would say that it is to be recognised and stand out from other brands, which in the end is simply because they want more money, and more customers equals more money.

In the end everything comes down to money, since people like to be entertained and expend a lot of time and money entertaining themselves, companies place their products strategically in things most people want to watch so they can be seen and so that people remember them when buying stuff. Usually both the company/brand and the entertainment industry benefits from this. The brand provides the money to carry out an idea and that is a good thing, but when it tries to mess with the idea so it fits the brand it can be a little bad for the entertaining industry.

2. What have you observed about presentations of visual strategies/brand identity?

Most of the brands that agreed to sponsored him had a clear vision of what their brand was all about, how they wanted to be perceived and what he could and could not do in his movie. Pom for example, the juice brand, had a very soft and clean look, very simple aswell, and they kept it that way choosing not to include the crazy more fun things he suggested.

3.Let’s consider this movie as a form of research. In other words, it was done to see what the effect of branded entertainment would be, a case study of sorts. What are your findings? What have you learnt? What has changed your pre-conceived ideas? Do you think there’s relevance in this case study? How could you apply your observations in real life?

I actually already knew the most part of what he showed, cause the amount of commercials out there has been bothering me a while. However I found it very interesting to actually look at the process he had to go through to get his movie out and see him present all his ideas to people and get rejected, and in some cases finally succeed.

I learned that before asking for help and sponsors, you have to establish yourself sell yourself to them as they do to you. Another thing I learned is that you have to try to look for brands that are compatible with you since they are the ones that are going to be the most interested. I also learned that to succeed as a brand, you have to be true to yourself, believe in your product and show this to the public.

4.From the findings above (question 3) imagine that the international coffee brand, Starbucks, is your client. Give one complete strategy for a small activation campaign to advertise Starbucks on aeroplanes. Give one idea of how you would do this, by following the 5 steps of the work process. To guide you, follow the points below and do a write-up of your idea as well as the steps you followed:Conduct research – you can visit the website http://www.starbucks.com as part of your research. Also think of quick research methods, such as surveys done on family and friends.

From a quick look through their website I learned that:

They use colors as yellow and green to highlight important things or just to make contrast, but otherwise they have a pretty clean-looking page, very simple, like it is popular right now. It is important to them to have a good ethic, help the environment and people, in between many things they help refugees by providing them with jobs, they support farming communities  and provide community service.

I kept searching on the internet and found out that their primary target audience were adults between the ages of 25 to 40 years and their secondary  young adults from 18 to 24.

  • Clarify the strategy – Once you’ve conducted quick research, do a write-up of your findings and create your own brief.

It seems like Starbucks is a simple brand that cares about the environment and social problems and they also focus on making high quality coffee. While doing this campaign, I will focus on adults and young adults as my target audience.

  • Design the identity – Here you do not need to go into lengthy design, but create sketches of your ideas and remember to think about the movie for inspiration.
  • Create touch points – As this is a focused campaign, you may have one touch point only; describe how you would activate your campaign using this touchpoint. If you need to, you may do sketches that would aid your communication.

As a Touch point I would give every passenger of a flight an option of getting a free Starbuck’s drink handed out by the hostesses in the middle of the flight. This free drink will stand out from all the rest of the food and drinks that are to be bought. The cup would carry a design incorporating both the starbucks logo and paper airplanes and carry nice messages of encouragements and quotes about flying.

  • Manage the assets – As this is not a prolonged campaign, briefly describe how you would use the possible outcome of your campaign for future use. Also state what your follow-up steps would be to strengthen your message. For example, you’ve done research and decided to give free vouchers along with every boarding pass handed out. How would you collect feedback from consumers or how would you communicate to them at the airport, on the flight, etc. to support your campaign?

The cup will come with a cup holder made of paper that is actually a folded brochure that lists the direction of all Starbucks in the destination the plane is heading towards, as well as a link/QR code that would lead them to a short questionary they can take to participate in a contest to win a starbucks golden card.  In this way we can get feedbacks on the campaign. Since passengers are in the middle of a flight and have nothing else to do, they will most likely take the time to participate in the contest, and at the same time give us valuable feedback. 

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Learning Activity – Acquainting yourself with the work process

Consider the different steps in the work process and answer the following questions in writing:

  • Conduct research
    Write down different means of conducting research. (What do you think can be done to collect information and get consumers’ perspective on a proposed idea?)

First of all you have to make a clear brief full of information about the company and who they are, what they want and what they expect to become in the future. You have to research the place if it is a place, and its surroundings. Or visit their site and examine their viewer history.  Find out who the competition is and research them, are they doing good? what can we learn from them,? how can we make it better? Decide on a target audience and ask them questions about the company and product… Among other things.

  • Clarify the strategy
    What do you think should be included in a creative brief? (As a designer, what would you consider vital information in such a brief?)

I consider their goals to be the most important thing to ask in a brief, in this way I can work towards that goal while designing their product. Other things to include are, their name, their identity, target audience, goals, what they are expecting from me and the information of the person that is going to be in contact with me.

  • Design the identity
    How would you approach the findings from the research and the clarified strategy? (What would your first steps be once you’ve received feedback and a brief?)

My first step would be to write everything down and analyse it so I can make a strategy out of it and start designing.

  • Create touchpoints
    What do you think is meant by touchpoints? (What, do you think, should be included in the term “touchpoints”? how would you define this term?) Hint: Keep in mind that touchpoints are those things that connect customers to your brand.

Touchpoints are the things that connect the costumer to the brand, like packages, restaurants, transportation vans, flyers and other things. A website can be the biggest touchpoint of them all, in our internet era.

  • Manage the assets
    How would you nurture and grow the brand that you’ve created? (You may choose an existing brand or product and describe this according to your chosen item, if that will make it easier for you to explain your ideas.)

A good way to make it grow, is to test often and lookout for the customers reactions. In this way it is possible to change things that don’t work and make the brand better. I would also make ads to remind people about the brand. The most important part is to be mindful about your goal and your brand identity and keep reminding it to the team, especially people who are going to be in contact with the costumers.

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LA- Fun with slow shutterspeeds

1. Wait until it’s almost dark outside. Take your camera and go and sit in a busy tourist area. Choose a building or statue to photograph. Place your camera on a tripod and set the shutter speed to 30 seconds or more. (If you don’t have a tripod, something stable, like a chair, will also work.)

Take a look at your photograph. Do you see a lot of people in it or just the building/statue?


There were actually a lot of people in the frame and they all dissapeared, leaving just the backgound.



3. Ask a friend to help you with this activity. Choose a dark room in your house and switch off the lights. Place your camera on a tripod and set your shutter speed to 30 seconds or more. Ask your friend to “draw” a picture in the air using a flashlight. Take a look at your photograph. What do you see? This fun activity is called light painting. Try an easy pattern first, but also a more complicated one.


This exercise was really fun and difficult at the same time, it is actually quite difficult to draw in the air without seeing what you are dawing…

We also tried other things like turning the lights off and on and schanging  places, like they did in Ben Long’s lesson, But we did not have powerfull flashlights so it turned out more spooky, kind off like ghost figures.



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LA- Shooting in low light conditions

Question 1 (Written Assignment)

Describe the steps that you will take to ensure that you take a high quality photograph in low light conditions. Refer to exposure, lenses, tripods, colour temperature, flash and ISO. Your answer should be a minimum of 350 words.

To take a high quality photograph in low light conditions is a difficult task, given that there is little light for your lense to work with. The process might become longer, you will need extra aiding elements and there can be a lot of waiting time involved. It is also often colder to work in the night, so it is important that you come prepared and know what to do when you are surrounded by darkness.

Exposure time is an important first step. When you use higher exposures you open the sensor to light for a longer time and allow it to collect more light, resulting in better and clearer photographs. There is however a drawback from using this method, you will get a lot of camera shake. Here is where other camera accessories as the tripod become useful. The tripod will stabilise the camera and prevent camera shake so that the sensor can focus on collecting the light that is framed.  When using high exposures, any movement can affect the photograph, even you pressing the button, use the self timer to prevent such unwanted movements. It is also important that you do not use your camera stabilisation when using your tripod.

Blurriness is not always bad, you can create a lot of interesting effects with moving objects and a long exposure, if you plan it well. Sometimes the camera can let inn too much light and the blurring effect can get lost. A polarizer filter can be of good help in moments like this.

Another advantage while shooting in the dark is to have a lens with a high aperture, this lens collects more light and allow you to shoot clearer photographs, or have have a faster shutter speed. Zoom lenses can be good, but are often reduced in quality when you zoom in with them, because the maximum aperture becomes smaller while you zoom. So, they become less useful while shooting in the dark.

Another important feature to use is the ISO setting. Higher ISOs make the sensor more sensible to light and allow you to take clearer photographs, the problem is that the photos can get more granny because the sensor is more sensible to other particles in the air. This can be a bad thing for some photographs, but for others it can add a nice touch.

The last thing, that would be the first in mind for a lot of people is to use the camera flash, but this feature can cast harsh shadows and an unpleasant harsh blue light so it is best avoided.

To summarize, you can take a high-quality photograph in low light conditions by using a longer shutter speed, using a tripod and a polarizer filter, using higher apertures and experimenting with your ISO.

Question 2 (Practical Assignment)

  1. Watch the Lynda course Foundations of Photography: Night and Low Light by Ben Long (4h 0m)
  2. Complete the exercise files (optional)
  3. Take four low-light photographs.
      • One should be a sharp photograph that focuses on a static object, like a building or statue.

To take this picture, I placed my camera on the tripod and since I wanted a clear picture, my ISO was at its lowest, my aperture f/14 to get a lot of detail, and my shutter speed at 30sec so I could get enough light. This high exposure time resulted in an interesting effect of light painting caused by all of the cars passing by. It also erased all the people who were moving in front of the picture.


  • The second photograph should showcase moving objects, like cars or running water.

I also took this picture using a tripod. My settings were:

aperture: f/9

Shutter speed: 30s

ISO: 100



  • For the third photograph, take a moody portrait of a friend and use high ISO settings to your advantage.

I took these while I was out in town at night shooting, and I felt they fitted well here. I used high ISOs on both on them and a fast shutter speed since they where handheld.

  • IMG_9197kirkeIMG_9161kirke