My Journey

In this post I will try to draw you a sketch of myself using no more than words. I’m afraid a detailed picture would be too long translated into text, and given thought this is just a blog post, it would be better to avoid such formalities. But I will do my best! This way you can get just the right amount of information you need, to know me a little better.

It is natural to start at the beginning so let’s do that. I will start with a short version of all the little and big things that make me the person who I am today.

A good start would be my origin, Venezuela, a beautiful and inspiring country full of life, warmth and laughter, with mountains and beaches and jungles. My mother country, the place where I grew up and a place I will never forget. Even though I only spent my childhood there, it is still a big part of my everyday life and my identity, and it is often in my thoughts.

When I turned 11 my father got a job offering in Norway, and the whole family moved here with him, looking for a new adventure. In the 11 years I lived in Venezuela, I spent 8 at the capital and biggest city Caracas, a city with high buildings, big shopping malls and a lot of noise. So it was like a dream come true living in a city like Bergen, where I could ride my bike to school, hike in the mountains, breathe pure air and get inspired by nature…And that was the beginning.

9 years have passed since then and I am still living in Bergen in a student’s apartment at Fantoft. In those 9 years I have learned 3 languages, made a lot of friends, learned figure skating and slalom skiing, read a lot of books, hiked a lot of mountains, graduated from college with focus on science and studied Physics 1 year at the University of Bergen.

As you’ve probably noticed, I took the science path at high school and then again at the university. The reason is that I wasn’t really sure what to do with my life, or what to study either, and physics seemed to interest me at the time. My plan was to complete my bachelor, but I found out that I needed to do something more creative with my life – something that I was really passionate about. So that is one of the reasons I started with Graphic Design.

For a long time, I have loved to draw, paint, take pictures and make things. I love coming up with ideas and projects. I would always find a way to drag creativity into my life, like making cool presentations for school projects or making birthday and Christmas cards for my friends. I also love using computer tools as Photoshop and adobe illustrator which I discovered recently. It took me a while to figure out what graphic design was all about. After deciding to leave physics, I started doing a little research of all the possible careers I could pursue, and  found out that Graphic Design was actually rather fitting for me.  So I decided to give it my all.

In the future I would like to study a little more, maybe a language like French or . I would also like to start my own business and to do what I love. I am really interested in the environment and human and animal rights. So I would love to make a product or do something to make the world a little better. I want to focus my creativity and knowledge into something good that I will be proud of.


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